Upcoming Extra Point Games

Charity games coming in April

There will be two charity games for each session. Half of the charity games will support the ACBL Charity, the other half will support our local charities.

Club Championships in May

All games the week of May 15 will be Club Championship - extra points with no extra charge

NABC Promo Games in May

All games the week of May 22 will support the Philadelphia presence at the 2108 Nationals

Swiss Teams

Morning I/N

8 Is Enough

Friday Evening Open

Swiss Team Winners for Friday April 21

Maryland & Nick Wanck - Trish Blackman - Peg Butera

Swiss Team Winners for Tuesday April 4

Virginia Tinner - Kay Garrity - Maryland & Nick Wanck

Upcoming Games:

Tuesday morning, May 2 (Charity)
Friday morning, May 19 (Club Championship)

The Tuesday morning Swiss is held on the first Tuesday of each month.
The Friday morning Swiss is held on the third Friday of the month.
When possible, Swiss events are run as special games in order to award more points.

Winners for April 12

Michael Carver - Ed Heater - Stephen Becker - Robert Bencker

Upcoming Games:

May 10 (Club Championship)

Not familiar with the '8 is enough' Swiss format?
Click here for more information

This game is held on the second Wednesday of the month.

If you are a pair looking for team mates, leave your names with Larry. He will refer you to others looking for team mates.

Open Swiss Winners for March 24

Patti Bassman - Ed Leach - Jackie & Larry Umphlet

Upcoming Games:

Friday, April 28 (Charity)
Friday, May 26 (NABC Promo)