Upcoming Extra Point Games


The link to club results has been fixed.

Club Championship games all week beginning March 20

March charity games

Tuesday morning, March 7 (Swiss)
Wednesday, March 8 (Swiss)
Monday, March 12
Tuesday evening, March 14
Thursday, March 16
Friday morning, March 17 (Swiss)
Friday evening, March 17

Swiss Teams

Morning I/N

8 Is Enough

Friday Evening Open

Swiss Team Winners for Friday February 17

Rich Godshall - Jean Fehnel - Kay Garrity - Winnie Young

Swiss Team Winners for Tuesday February 7

Marilyn & Paul Cohen - Barbara Grossman - Allen Flicker

Upcoming Games:

Tuesday morning, March 7 (Charity)
Friday morning, March 17 (Charity)

The Tuesday morning Swiss is held on the first Tuesday of each month.
The Friday morning Swiss is held on the third Friday of the month.
When possible, Swiss events are run as special games in order to award more points.

Winners for February 8

Jean LeVito - Tina Sgro - Bill Bauer - Steve Beker

Upcoming Games:

March 8 (Charity)

Not familiar with the '8 is enough' Swiss format?
Click here for more information

This game is held on the second Wednesday of the month.

If you are a pair looking for team mates, leave your names with Larry. He will refer you to others looking for team mates.

Open Swiss Winners for February 24

Steve Becker - Pradip Khan - Albert Horng

Upcoming Games:

Friday, March 24 (Club Championship)