Upcoming Extra Point Games

2016 Masterpoint Leaders

Most masterpoints won at North Penn in 2016

0 - 500 MP             Trish Blackman          58.09
0 - 1500 MP           Bucky Sydnor            94.69
Unlimited MP        Elaine Clair             146.57

Board Election Results

Elected to the North Penn Board are Real Fradette, Marlene Hino and Bob Umfer

January special games will support the ACBL Junior Fund.

Wednesday, January 11 (Swiss teams)
Monday, January 16
Tuesday evening, January 17
Thursday, January 19
Friday morning, January 20 (Swiss teams)
Friday evening, January 27 (Swiss teams)

February 13th is STaC Week -all games award silver points.

Swiss Teams

Morning I/N

8 Is Enough

Friday Evening Open

Swiss Team Winners for Friday December 16

Kay Garrity - Winnie Young - Mary O'Neil - Jean Fehnel

Swiss Team Winners for Tuesday January 3

Carole Bishop - David Hallman - Maryland & Nick Wanck

Upcoming Games:

Friday morning, January 20 (Junior Fund)
Tuesday morning, February 7 (Charity)
Friday morning, February 17 (StaC rated)

The Tuesday morning Swiss is held on the first Tuesday of each month.
The Friday morning Swiss is held on the third Friday of the month.
When possible, Swiss events are run as special games in order to award more points.

Winners for December 14

Gladys Firing - Alison Shoemaker - Jackie Umphlet - Tony Zacchei 

Upcoming Games:

January 11 (Junior Fund)
February 8 (Charity)

Not familiar with the '8 is enough' Swiss format?
Click here for more information

This game is held on the second Wednesday of the month.

If you are a pair looking for team mates, leave your names with Larry. He will refer you to others looking for team mates.

Open Swiss Winners for December 9

Elaine Clair - Toysie Walker - Bob Bencker - Carl Ginsberg

Upcoming Games:

Friday, January 27 (Junior Fund)
Friday, February 24 (Charity)