Upcoming Extra Point Games

The following games are canceled

Tuesday evening, August 16
Friday evening, August 19
Friday evening, Sept 2
Monday, September 5

August Game Schedule

The Hunt Valley Regional is August 15 - 21, and has traditionally been well attended by our members.  Accordingly, our Friday morning Swiss has been moved up one week, to August 12.

NAP Qualification Games

ACBL Conditions of Contest for NAP Qualification games make it impractical for us to run NAP Qualification games in the 0-750 sessions. Players who wish to compete in the NAP will need to do so at one of the afternoon or evening games.

Last Chance NAP Qualification in August.

Friday evening, August 26

STaC Games in August

All games Monday, August 22, through Friday morning, August 26, will be STaC games.

September will have Club Championships. Charity games will support the ABCL International Fund.

Swiss Teams

Morning I/N

8 Is Enough

Friday Evening Open

Swiss Team Winners for Friday August 12

Toysie Walker - Meg Packer - Susan Anthony - Ursula Schaufler

Swiss Team Winners for Tuesday August 2

Lorna Bearn - Connie Wenhold - Constance Abel - Ceil Morton

Upcoming Games:

Friday morning, August 12 (Charity)
Tuesday morning, September 6 (Club Championship)
Friday morning, September 16 (Club Championship)

The Tuesday morning Swiss is held on the first Tuesday of each month.
The Friday morning Swiss is held on the third Friday of the month.
When possible, Swiss events are run as special games in order to award more points.

Winners for July 13

Sue Bailey = Elaine Watters - Allison Showmaker - John Dickenson

Upcoming Games:

August 10 (Charity)
September 14 (Club Championship)

Not familiar with the '8 is enough' Swiss format?
Click here for more information

This game is held on the second Wednesday of the month.

If you are a pair looking for team mates, leave your names with Larry. He will refer you to others looking for team mates.

Open Swiss Winners for July 22

Beth Milton - Albert Horng - Mitch Snyder - Larry Umohlet

Upcoming Games:

July 22 (Charity)
August 12 (Charity)
September 23 (Club Championship)