Upcoming Extra Point Games

8 Is Enough Schedule Change

This game will be held on October 19, which is the third Wednesday.

Schedule changes for September, October and November

The Friday evening Swiss for September will be on the 23rd.

The Friday evening Swiss teams game will be on October 14 (2nd Friday). All other teams games in October will run on their normal days.

Due to the popularity of the Lancaster Regional, the Tuesday morning Swiss Teams game will be moved back to the second Tuesday in November (11/8).  

September Club Championships.

Friday evening, September 23 (Swiss)

September Charity games will support the ABCL International Fund.

All games the week of September 26 are charity games

October is Club Appreciation Month

Extra poihts, no extra money for 10 games in October. Check the calendar.

October Charity games will support our club's local charities.

All games the week of October 24 are charity games

Swiss Teams

Morning I/N

8 Is Enough

Friday Evening Open

Swiss Team Winners for Friday September 16;

Tom Nailos - Janice Arrowsmith - P J Ingram - Patricia French-Folk

Swiss Team Winners for Tuesday September 6

Lorna Bearn - Connie Wenhold - Constance Abel - Ceil Morton

Upcoming Games:

Tuesday morning, October 4
Friday morning, September 16 (Club Championship)
Firday morning, October 21 (Club Appreciation)

The Tuesday morning Swiss is held on the first Tuesday of each month.
The Friday morning Swiss is held on the third Friday of the month.
When possible, Swiss events are run as special games in order to award more points.

Winners for September 14

Joan Bernstein - Trish Blackman - Sandie Salasin - Sandy Sill

Upcoming Games:

October 19 (Club Appreciation)

Not familiar with the '8 is enough' Swiss format?
Click here for more information

This game is held on the second Wednesday of the month.

If you are a pair looking for team mates, leave your names with Larry. He will refer you to others looking for team mates.

Open Swiss Winners for August 12

Terry Fair - Alan Resnik - David Legrow - Mitchell Snyder

Upcoming Games:

September 23 (Club Championship)
October 14 (Club Appreciation)