Sue Bailey is Secretary of the NPDBC.  Sue's term runs through 2018.

Elaine Clair will serve through 2018.

Real Fradette will serve through 2019.

Marlene Hino is President of the NBDBC.  She will serve through 2019.

Allen Flicker is Treasurer of the NPDBC.

Mitch Snyder will serve through 2018.

Bob Umfer will serve through 2019.

Larry Umphlet is Club Manager, and will be a board memeber as long as he serves in that capacity.

Elaine Watters is the Newsletter Editor. Elaine's term runs through 2017.

Club Members are elected to the Board of Governors for three-year terms.

Positions within the board are determined by board vote.  The board also elects the Club Manager, a position which also serves on the board.

Board elections are held in December of each year. Members aspiring to serve on the Board are encouraged to contact the Club Secretary (see above) no later than October (two months prior to the election).